When it comes to children’s coin-operated rides, our technical team are the industry’s oracles. Constantly fielding enquiries and solving problems, Richard (our technical manager) is a walking, one-man encyclopaedia. Here are a few of the things he gets asked most:

    Can you fix it?

    The answer is usually yes, but if we can’t there are other solutions.

    How much will it cost?

    We have a standard repair charge for control systems and coin mechs. For ride refurbishment we can quote for a worst case scenario based on our experience. But to be accurate we need to see the ride in the workshop.

    I've got a faulty kiddy ride. Can you repair it?

    Hmmm. I’m going to need a bit more information than that. Even if you tell me “it’s a car ride”, I’ll need you to be more specific. The thing is, over the years every company has made a car ride, each with a different control system. Even Postman Pat has been done 4 times! Try and find out who made the ride. I’ll need to know that before I can give you any advice, so it’ll save us both a lot of time.

    I want to operate a ride outside. Will it work?

    Kiddy Rides are shower proof to some degree, but electricity and water don’t mix! You’ll need a weatherproof mains socket and ideally be under a canopy to provide some shelter from the British summer.

    What can I try to pin down the fault?

    If you’ve got a faulty ride, ring me when you’re standing right next to the ride, as I’ll often ask you to try something that could identify the fault.

    My site says a ride is faulty. What should I do?

    Always try and visit your ride before you ring for advice. Don’t go on what the site tells you. I’ve lost count of the times when a fault turns out to be a problem with the site’s socket and the ride is actually fine.

    Help! I've taken a part out and I can't remember how it goes back.

    This can easily be avoided. Every mobile phone has a camera these days, so take a picture before you start. Then you can refer back to it if you get stuck.

    What's the most common problem with kiddy rides?

    86% of all breakdowns are due to a coin jam, and 10% due to the ride not being plugged in.

    What legal stuff do I need to run a kiddy ride?

    Other than public liability insurance, you’ll need an ADIPS test each year on your ride. This is an industry standard requirement, and is a kind of MOT for kiddy rides. After the test you’ll get a sticker which local government inspectors and insurance people will want to see.

    Any Other Questions?

    If there’s anything else you need to know, don’t panic! Were always here to help.