When you work with us, you get the most complete children’s coin-operated rides service in the country. In fact, you get all this:

  1. Rigorous safety standards. Kids should be safe while they’re having fun. So we carry out a 12-point test on every ride we manufacture, repair or service to check it meets all UK safety requirements.

  2. Great long-term revenues. Because our rides are so well built, you get a better long term return on investment. They’re made using quality materials, including a coloured gel rather than spray paint. And that means they last up to three times longer.

  3. The best servicing in the industry. We hate “Out of Order” signs and use all our experience to get repairs done right first time. We’re recognised as industry experts and have an in-house repair shop as well as the UK’s best network of engineers.

  4. Maximum returns. We know rides and we know kids. So we can advise you on positioning your ride to generate the maximum possible income.

  5. Over 25 years experience. Remember the 1980s? We do. In fact, we don’t think anyone in the industry has more experience of building repairing and servicing children’s rides.